How To Wear Red

Red is one of the most beautiful and intimidating colors of the rainbow. Wearing red can be a little scary because it is such a difficult color to pull off correctly. Incorporating this color in an outfit automatically makes you the center of attention. Care must be taken that the outfit you choose is perfect from top to bottom. Here are some things to keep in mind when adding this color to your wardrobe.

The shade of red that you choose must also complement your skin tone. Wearing the wrong tone will make you look sick. Those with pale skin should stick to reds with blue undertones as it will highlight your beautiful complexion instead of draw attention to it. Women with darker skin look best in brighter orange reds and maroons.

These days, you can wear the color red to almost every event. No matter what shade you choose, all types of red look good with black accessories. For fancy parties, pair a slinky red dress with a wide black belt and strappy heels for a fierce modern look. Or you can choose to elongate your legs with a flesh toned heel and a skinny gold chain belt that hangs loosely off your hips. For work, you may want to tone it down a bit and stick to red accessories instead of a skirt. Add a soft maroon scarf to your business suit for a subtle confidence boost. Add a touch of boldness by carrying a red handbag or tote. Red pants can be intimidating but when you wear them with a white shirt, black blazer and black heels, the bright color is immediately neutralized. Keep your jewelry simple. For example, simple hoop earrings and a chain necklace should be enough. Be careful not to over accessorize.

If you are still concerned that red is a little too aggressive for you, start with accessories. Wear a little black dress to a party and carry a glittering red clutch purse. Or perhaps a red bubble statement necklace and ruby stud earrings will add just the right touch to your outfit. Make sure that your makeup does not clash. Stay away from green and purple eye shadows when wearing red. It is best to keep your eye makeup neutral and finish with a bright red lipstick for some added drama.

Even though red can be a challenge to wear, these tips can help you gain that certain sex appeal that other colors cannot give you. Keep these ideas in mind and you will have no trouble with this vibrant hue.

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